Dr Tarn McLean is an artist and designer holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Art from the University of Southern Queensland.

Her work departs from a highly disciplined practice embedded in early to mid 20th Century Geometric Abstract painting to the design of space and architecture, including wall painting and public art as well as textile, wallpaper and accessory design.

Tarn exhibits regularly and customises bespoke wallpapers and fabrics for private clients as well as commercial and residential interiors.

To book a free consultation to create your personalised custom designed art, wallpaper and fabric with Tarn, enquire here.

*Our customised service is also available for international clients. 

Her teaching philosophy "CREATIVE WHY' is informed by research into the creative processes connected to intuitive acts of making. Tarn guides people towards tapping into their creative skills, prioritising the creation process. "When we are able to tap into our creative mindsets, we become better leaders, problem solvers and decision makers". Tarn knows the act of making, regularly, results in positive outcomes, enabling people to live with confidence and reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

To find out more about the course or to discuss customising a workshop in your work place, you can book a time to discuss with Tarn.

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For commissions or to purchase from the Art + Design pages please email tarnmclean@bigpond.com


A percentage of every sale goes to the Child Writes Fund empowering children  around the world navigate their future through story.

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